• Developer: Sanuk Games
  • Genre: Puzzle & trivia, Misc
  • Version: Latest
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Official information

Release Date 10/11/2016
Developer Sanuk Games
Publisher Bigben Interactive
Genre Puzzle & trivia, Misc
Language English
System Windows PC, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U Under development: Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch
Version Latest


Solitaire Review - Oldie, but Still Goldie

Classic Solitaire for Windows 10 and other systems is well-known and beloved by many card game lovers. The point is to clear card columns off a table in different fashions: it depends on a specific Solitaire type.

Download Solitaire, as a part of Microsoft Solitaire Collection, to enjoy the legendary game.

Gameplay that never gets old

Solitaire, a.k.a. Klondike, rules are pretty simple. You have a tableau of seven card piles: the first pile has one card, the seventh pile has seven cards respectively. And your goal is to put all 52 cards in four stacks, in a certain order on the tabletop. Beginning with the aces and ending with the kings.

But if you download, let's say,  Solitaire for Windows 7, you'll get a whole package of Solitaire-style games. They all are included in the MS Solitaire Collection.

You'll get to play:
1)    Klondike. Clear the entire card pack from the table applying one or three-card draw.
2)    Spider. 8 card columns to be wiped off the tabletop. It makes 104 cards totally, but you should use as few moves as possible while putting them in the tableau.
3)    Free Cell. This game gives you 4 extra cells to move the cards around. It has very few unsolvable shuffles, and cards are dealt face-up right from the start.
4)    TriPeaks. The trick here is that the number of deals is limited. You must clear the table until you run out of them by choosing cards in a sequence up or down.
5)    Pyramid. A bit mathematical, Pyramid challenges you to pair up two cards, which add up to 13 (King) and clearing them off the table.

Although classic Solitaire for PC has been known as a single game for almost 30 years, a tinge of competitive spirit has been added lately. To make the game a bit more piquant, you can compete for a position on a Leader Board. The more daily challenges you complete and the more Honor Badges you collect - the more glory is yours! However, such an enticing concept is a bit sabotaged by a colossal number of score tables. As a result, it's hard to organize a tournament - many of the score tables are so empty you can actually hear crickets and tumbleweeds rustling...

Jesters, Kings, and Queens

Be it Solitaire for Mac or another version of the game, the atmosphere always remains enchanting. You can stick to the nice and clean Green Table classic design or choose one of the many themes.

The fantasy-fans will surely appreciate the Fable theme: old crummy cards, yellowish table, sneaky medieval music and atmospheric sounds of a village tavern... B. Baggins would've given it thumbs up. The Beach theme has a gently caressing sound of the ocean tide that actually helps concentrate your thoughts.

What ruins the game flow a bit, is the 30-seconds commercial you're obliged to watch in the beginning. There's no way to skip it (alas!) but you can always mute it. Getting rid of the pesky ads is an option too, but it'll cost you $1.49 monthly or $9.99 annually.
Controls are the same charm as they once used to be. It's simple mouse-clicking on PC and tapping, swiping & dragging in Solitaire for Android or Solitaire for iPhone.

What the FAQ

A few useful tips for all the Solitaire fans.

1. Let's get creative!

In case you're a die-hard adept of beautifying things and dream of designing your own theme for the game - let it be done. Using photos from your own gallery or pictures found in the Web, you can create your own decorations in Solitaire. Be it your family photos or Piglets in Wellington boots picture collection - just sculpt the masterpiece.

2. Nice and easy

If you're eager to go after the online daily challenges, but Solitaire games are still something new to you - set the difficulty level to Easy and increase it gradually until you become an ace.

3. Whenever, wherever

The game has migrated to mobile devices. You can download Solitaire apps for Android and then spend a couple of spare minutes clearing the green tables.
If iOS is your platform of choice - Solitaire for iPad and Solitaire app for iPhone are at your service.

4. Rehash the mistakes

No wrong move is fatal in this game, because you have the shiny Undo button. Take a step back into the past and revise your tactic if necessary: click on the Undo button or press Ctrl + Z simultaneously, when on PC. However, every undo move will cost you one point in the online challenges.

5. Play without installing

Offline Solitaire for Windows 10 works fine after installation. However, your hard-drive maybe crammed to the full. To play it without installing you can go to MSN Games and enjoy the full Solitaire collection. Online Solitaire for Mac is an option too by the way.


Solitaire has passed the test of time. It's an immortal classic. And now its revamped version makes it even better, adding a meditative, relaxing vibe to the overall atmosphere to the game. Our Solitaire review gives it 5 stars, only hoping that the ads will become at least shorter in the future.

Download Solitaire to enjoy the most soothing time-killing ever.


  • Unskippable ads
  • Time-limited premium account
  • One too many score tables.


  • Soothing gameplay
  • Meditative experience
  • Custom card design
  • Online leader-boards.